Magellan Power Static Bypass Switch

Static Manual Bypass Switch
Description Product Features:

Sine wave bi-directional inverters
High surge capacity
Capable of operating at extreme temperatures
Built-in phasing circuit
Naturally cooled
Requires only one battery
Easy installation - fits in standard traffic control enclosure
Programmable duty cycle
Fail safe operation

Based on the same platform as the Magellan Power Traffic Signal UPS, the Magellan Power Amber Light Emergency Power Unit provides emergency power to a pulsing amber light in a traffic signal where the grid power has been interrupted and the full traffic signal is unable to operate.

A single 12V 80Ah high temperature Lithium battery powers the unit and is sufficient to operate and flash the amber globes for 4 hours. When the grid is present the battery is charged via the inverter operating in "charger mode."

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